Pine Mountain Trail

By Audrey Andrews | May 27th, 2020 Pine Mountain, Georgia Thru-Run/ Hike:23 miles3,586 feet elevation gain On May 23rd, I ran 23 miles to celebrate my upcoming 23rd birthday. The Pine Mountain Trail in Georgia, 23 miles from beginning to end, winds across F.D.  Roosevelt State Park. F.D.R. State Park is Georgia‚Äôs largest state park […]

Providence Canyon State Park

By Audrey Andrews | June 8th, 2020 Lumpkin, Georgia Backcountry Loop (to and from parking area):5.3 miles748 feet elevation gain Providence Canyon State Park is home to the “Little Grand Canyon” of Georgia. I’ve been to Grand Canyon National Park and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and can affirm that “Little Grand Canyon” is a […]

Chattahoochee River Walk

By Audrey Andrews | June 19th, 2020 Columbus, Georgia One way (from National Infantry Museum to 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge):8.8 miles154 feet elevation gain The Chattahoochee River Walk is the easily the premier running route in Columbus, Georgia. Traversing from Fort Benning, through downtown Columbus and beyond, the River Walk is remarkably long and beautiful. […]

Fall Line Trace

By Audrey Andrews | June 23rd, 2020 Columbus, Georgia 10th Avenue to Psalmond Road:  9 miles230 feet elevation gain The Fall Line Trace is a gem of Columbus, Georgia. Most roads in the city are unfortunately not pedestrian-friendly, so the Fall Line Trace is much-needed recreational path. Running from the Chattahoochee River Walk at the […]