Mount Rose

By Audrey Andrews | August 21st 2021

Reno, NV

Out & Back:
10.4 miles
2,228 feet elevation gain

Mount Rose dominates the Sierra Nevada skyline from Reno, Nevada. The route is easily accessible from both Reno and Lake Tahoe and is quite popular on weekends. This well-known summit even boasts an FKT route.

The trail begins at the top of Highway 431, also known as Mount Rose Highway. Directly across the street is the Mount Rose ski area. So, the surroundings are quite prominent and exciting. As is true of most popular routes around Lake Tahoe, the Mount Rose trail is well-marked.

The route begins by following the Tahoe Rim Trail. The Tahoe Rim Trail is always a safe bet for a beautiful day in the Lake Tahoe area. It is also typically well-marked, although a map is always important to have.

There is one water source about halfway to the summit. It includes a beautiful waterfall and a creek perfect for dogs to grab a drink at. Along the way, Mount Rose towers above the surrounding landscape. Although the climb looks intimidating from afar, the summit route never actually gets too steep.

Shortly after entering Mount Rose Wilderness, a right turn is required to head to the summit of Mount Rose. Much of the elevation gain takes place between this trail intersection and the summit. About halfway up, hikers pop above tree line and enter a rocky landscape. Views of Lake Tahoe, Reno and the Sierras abound (when not fogged by smoke). The summit of Mount Rose offers plenty of space for a few groups to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Because the trail up Mount Rose is never extremely steep, the descent is pretty easy compared to others. This route can easily be made into a loop back to the trailhead, but the fastest route is and out and back. The Mount Rose trail is ideal for a day outing with a bit of elevation gain. It is also a great hike to get a glimpse of the beauty of the Sierra Nevadas.

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