Mount Cutler & Mount Muscoco

By Audrey Andrews | April 11th, 2021

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Out & Back:
4.9 miles
1,732 feet elevation gain

The Mount Cutler and Mount Muscoco trailhead is usually crowded in good weather, including on weekdays. It is located on the lower half of Cheyenne Cañon Road in Cheyenne Cañon, the premier running and hiking destination in Colorado Springs. The trailhead is well-marked and the path easy to follow.

This route takes hikers to the summit of Mount Cutler and Mount Muscoco. Individually, Mount Cutler is great for those running short on time, but the peaks are often summited together. As the paths lead to mountain summits, the entirety of the trail slopes upwards.

To reach the Mount Cutler summit first, veer left at the trail intersection. The views into the Rocky Mountains from the backside of Mount Cutler are stunning. Our model, Mr. Leo, did a wonderful job posing in front of the landscape. Atop Mount Cutler is a nice loop and bench to rest on while taking in the views. The reservoirs of nearby Stratton Open Space are visible, as is the city of Colorado Springs.

After summiting Mount Cutler, the walk back to the trail intersection is quick. From there, follow the maintained trail to Mount Muscoco. There are some offshoots to the summit, but always avoid these to prevent further erosion and damage to surrounding ecology. The trail consists of stairs, a few switchbacks and some quite minor rock scrambling.

Approaching the summit of Mount Muscoco, the trail is marked by red arrows, so staying on route is simple. The views from the peak are stunning on all sides and there is room to spread out if other hikers are also admiring the scenery.

The trek from the top of Mount Muscoco to Cheyenne Cañon Road can be a bit slippery in gravel sections, but is never too steep. Mr. Leo very much enjoys this route and the pupper friends he always finds on trail. The Mount Cutler and Mount Muscoco hike is a wonderful day-adventure in Colorado Springs.

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