Wild Horses of the Summer Sun by Tory Bilski

By Audrey Andrews | January 27th, 2021

Wild Horses of the Summer Sun: A Memoir of Iceland by Tory Bilski was an easy delight to read. The only edition the library had available was in large print, so I read the memoir in size sixteen font. I expected this to bother me, but it did not.

While Wild Horses of the Summer Sun is not a literary masterpiece, I am quite the sucker for an adventurous memoir authored by a woman. I’ve learned this is quite my style of book and Bilski did not disappoint. Even if one is not particularly interested in Iceland or horseback riding, following Bilski on her journey to keep in touch with her truest self while dealing with the seemingly mundane but incredibly important waves of everyday life for a middle-aged mom in the United States.

Bilski is self-deprecating and honest. She does not just write about her Icelandic journeys deemed successes, but includes rude moments and stories of cancelled trips. Far from rendering a boring read, this makes the story all the more relatable. After all, travel does not typically work out as planned.

I enjoyed Bilski’s direct prose, but the memoir could have been edited a bit better. Bilski seems to be a fan of pithy, abrupt transitions, but some were a bit too trite.

Wild Horses of the Summer Sun had enough of an affect on me that I am now booked for a horse-riding lesson next week. This is not the first time I’ve taken up this cause, and I’m happy Bilski was able to reignite my interest. Further, while I’ve enjoyed the budget-friendly airport layover in Iceland, I hope to head back to explore the country. Although its boom in tourism is a negative for Bilski, her book will undoubtedly contribute-even if in the slightest way- to the cause.

For women looking for a little inspirational adventure, Wild Horses of the Summer Sun is a great read.

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