Peekamoose Mountain

By Audrey Andrews | January 26th, 2021

Ulster County, New York

Out & Back:
7.6 miles
2,779 feet elevation gain

The Peekamoose Mountain trailhead is just down the road from the Ashokan High Point trailhead. Although both yield amazing views of the Catskills, I will write upfront that I find the Ashokan High Point trail to offer a more beautiful path. That being said, Peekamoose Mountain is a must for any Catskill regular.

I’ve hiked Peekamoose in all sorts of weather and used it to connect to surrounding trails. It offers a nice climb for upstate New York, with a few sections that are pretty steep. As is evident from the tracks in the photographs, the trail is popular enough to remain heavily trafficked on weekends, even in the winter. Essentially, it’s a straight uphill climb from the parking area. Two-thirds of the way up, a sneak preview of the views to come are afforded.

After the miniature view, there is a bit of flat walking prior to the final ascent. The real view comes when one is not quite atop Peekamoose. Instead, standing on a trailside boulder yields wonderful views all times of the year. If a hiker is not into summiting, this is the place to turn around.

The summit of Peekamoose Mountain is bit underwhelming. It is unmarked and yields no views. However, it is surely a perfect place to sit in the woods and enjoy a lovely sandwich after a beautiful hike.

As this route is simply an out and back, hikers can turn around when they reach the summit. After hours of hiking, a first peek of the parking lot is always a welcome and warm sight. However, other hikers may want to continue on to Table Mountain, Slide Mountain or beyond.

In summary, the views on Peekamoose Mountain make for a wonderful day hike and the trailhead is a perfect starting point for longer trail linkups.

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