High Drive

By Audrey Andrews | October 25th, 2020

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Out & Back:
6.8 miles
1,529 feet elevation gain

High Drive connects two of the most popular hiking areas of Colorado Springs: North Cheyenne Cañon Park and the Section 16 loop. While the route can be traversed as an out-and-back either direction, start from the Section 16 trailhead to complete most of the climbing in the first half.

Throughout the first mile, High Drive hugs Bear Creek. 3/4 of a mile up the dirt road, the Section 16 loop breaks off to the right. Due to the popularity of the Section 16 loop, this section of High Drive is the most heavily trafficked, although the entire route is quite popular.

Along High Drive, there are views of Pikes Peak, the city of Colorado Springs and the surrounding mountains. Despite resting on the edge of Colorado Springs, the road is wonderfully quiet. I’ve been awed by the sounds of a flock of screeching birds high above the road that lasted for minutes.

Due to recent work, the entirety of High Drive is wonderfully smooth and even. It could safely be completed with road running shoes in its current state. There is clearly new drainage features along the route, which hopefully keep it fresh through the upcoming winter season.

At 6.8 miles, High Drive can be completed in an hour if ran. It’s also a wonderful hike. Mountain bikes are welcome as well. Due to its relatively short length and proximity to the city, it is a popular route. A run or hike can easily be extended, as a variety of routes, in addition to the Section 16 Loop, branch off of the trail.

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