Pine Mountain Trail

By Audrey Andrews | May 27th, 2020

Pine Mountain, Georgia

Thru-Run/ Hike:
23 miles
3,586 feet elevation gain

On May 23rd, I ran 23 miles to celebrate my upcoming 23rd birthday.

The Pine Mountain Trail in Georgia, 23 miles from beginning to end, winds across F.D.  Roosevelt State Park. F.D.R. State Park is Georgia’s largest state park and is home to the Little White House, where President Roosevelt spent much time. 

23 miles from beginning to end, the Pine Mountain Trail is perfect for a weekend backpacking trip, traversing plenty of camps and water sources. From start to finish, it is well-marked as the blue trail and boasts mile markers to indicate progress. 

Although the park lacks significant mountains, the rolling landscape creates over 3,500 feet of elevation gain along the route. Some sections are relatively flat, and numerous loop options offer shorter hikes. Lookouts are populous throughout the first few miles and deer, snakes and birds wander freely. 

The most enchanting (and crowded) trail section is the last two miles. Here, the Pine Mountain Trail squiggles along a stream to Cascade Falls. Other, smaller waterfalls enchant the route and the abundant water creates unabashed greenery in the summer months. While Cascade Fall is a great place to start, the remainder of the trail is well-worth exploring. 

I must admit the trail is definitely less than 23 miles. I’ve seen numerous GPS files that indicate the trail is over 22 miles, but not quite 23. Although I appreciate a whole number, I’d prefer map accuracy. Regardless, the Pine Mountain Trail is a gem of Georgia. 

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